Making pottery for an exhibition during my artists residency.

Siriporn Falcon-Grey

Living in Las Vegas, Nevada (1999), and inspired by the unique cultural diversity, I immersed myself in a variety of art courses that included drawing, stone and metal sculpting, and ceramics. Of all these mediums, I have always been drawn to ceramics the most. Enjoying the sense of creativity that comes with manipulating clay with my hands, I consider my artistic style to be loose and somewhat wabi-sabi. Integrating thrown forms with hand-built techniques for a more natural aesthetic, my ideas are drawn from indigenous pottery and diverse cultures. Preferring not to be stagnant with my ceramics, one day it’s cups and the next day it’s sculptures. I believe that one can benefit from art when tactility and function comes into play.

I became a member of the Auckland Studio Potters Society (ASP) in 2011, studying under a variety of prominent New Zealand and international potters. In November 2019, I completed a Diploma in Arts and Design Ceramics from Otago Polytechnic at Auckland Studio Potters. From 2019 to 2020, I was an ASP Committee trustee as well as the Social Media Manager, but later resigned to focus on my ASP Artist Residency. Currently I spend my time preparing for exhibitions and teaching pottery workshops.

Stockists: The Pah Shop, The Fantail House

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